Triyama Recruitment

  • Legal Secretary

    Any person undertaking study of law currently can apply for the same. As part of this Job he shall be attached to the office of one of Advocates and shall work under his supervision.
  • Advocates

    Any person who is a Law Graduate can apply to be retainer with the firm. As a retainer he is suppose to represent the firm in the matter allotted to him from time to time.

Congratulations to our 2018 winter interns!

Institute Name Intern Name Duration
From To
Symbiosis Law School Supriya Dash 12-11-2018 30-11-2018
Symbiosis Law School SHIRSA SARASWATI 10-11-2018 10-12-2018
Symbiosis Law School Akshada Dhagamwar 12-11-2018 12-12-2018
New Law College Raman Shahi 12-11-2018 12-12-2018
Symbiosis International University Kshijit 15-11-2018 15-12-2018
Symbiosis International University Pralabh 15-11-2018 15-12-2018
Bharti Vidyapeeth Shristi Kumari 01-12-2018 31-12-2018
New Law College Sankalpika Mishra 01-12-2018 28-12-2018
New Law College Ankit Agrawal 01-12-2018 28-12-2018
New Law College Utkal Pandey 01-12-2018 31-12-2018
New Law College Rishika Khanna 01-12-2018 30-12-2018
Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College Kriti Bhatt 03-12-2018 03-01-2019
Amity Law School, Delhi (IP)
Reha Chitraka 15-12-2018 15-01-2019
New Law College Akshita Piplani 01-01-2019 01-01-2019
Institute of Law, Nirma University Ahmadabad Harshit Raghuwanshi 02-01-2019 29-01-2019
Institute of Law, Nirma University Ahmadabad Harshit Raghuwanshi 02-01-2019 29-01-2019
Jagran Lakecity University Shubhi Badonia 07-01-2019 31-01-2019
D.E.S Navalmal Firodia Law College Anuja Shishir Dhargalkar - -
New Law College Poorv Kabra 10-01-2019 10-02-2019

Congratulations to our 2018 summer interns!

Intern Name Duration
From To
Mollshri Jha 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Nikita Bothara 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Sekhar Bhattacharya 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Aakancha Dubey 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Mansi Chandel 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Yash gupta 01-05-2018 30-05-2018
Amisha Shrivastava 20-05-2018 20-06-2018
Lipika Lakhani

Aarti Meena
 15-06-2018  15-07-2018
Sakshi Sharma 01-06-2018 21-06-2018
Manshi Kunwar 01-06-2018 21-06-2018
TAMANNA PATNAIK 01-06-2018 21-06-2018
Ayushi Pathy 01-06-2018 21-06-2018
Akriti patel 01-06-2018 21-06-2018
Pooja Sakore 01.07.2018 31.08.2018
Apoorva Srivastava 01.05.2018 30.06.2018
Krati Gupta 15.06.2018 15.07.2018
Pragya Gandhi 15.06.2018 15.07.2018

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