Flat Ownership

Lakhs of flat owners in Pune can take heart from the latest state government move, for it promises to bring in rules to ensure that the ownership of flat and control of society are handed over within nine months of making an application for deemed conveyance deed. "The rules are ready and within a short time, it should come into effect," Housing Secretary Sitaram Kunte said on Friday.
The government had last amended the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act in 2008. "The process to frame rules is now in final stages. Once the rules take effect, lakhs of flat owners will get possession of their flats and societies in nine months," Kunte told a discussion organised by Marathi daily Loksatta and Maharashtra
Housing Federation.
The flat owner will get the registration certificates in nine months once he submits all documents.
"We have made the rules userfriendly. Instead of 21 documents, the applicants seeking registration certificate can submit whatever he has with him; the rest of the documents will be builder's responsibility. If the builder does not provide them, the competent authority (District Deputy Registrar) will authorise one officer to get them from the builder and de- partments concerned. After that, the competent authority will issue a certificate of conveyance, with which the society or individual can go to the subregistrar office and get it registered." Lauding the steps taken by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Kunte said the civic body had made an important change in its development control rule in a bid to effectively implement the ownership rights of a flat owner. "In case the completition or occupancy certificate is not issued by the local body, it cannot stop the process of transfer of ownership of the flat. In this regard, the BMC has taken a pos tive step." Responding to this, PMC city engineer Prashant Waghmare said the civic body could replicate the move if required.

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