How to make correction in your Voter ID card - Blog

A number of times; errors like spelling mistakes, incorrect address, photo mismatch do come up while issuing a Voter ID. Voters who find such issues in their voter ID can follow these simple steps to have their ID corrected.

  • Log on to the official website available for voters the National Voters Services Portal
  • Go to the section that has the title "Correction of entries in electoral roll" and click on it. English or Hindi
  • A new tab opens up. Select "Form 8" in this page. Once you click on this you will be redirected to the real page where you can request for the 'voter card correction'.
  • Enter the following details in the form.
  • Name, part number of electoral roll, serial number, gender, and age.
  • State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency to which you belong.
  • Give the correct details about your family, including the name of your father/mother/husband.
  • Enter your complete correct address.

Note:- In case you have a voter ID which has already been issued, submit the details like date when it was issued, the card number, and the state where it was issued and so on.


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